13:00–13:45 Casino Area, Halle Victor Hugo Art Talks

Art Talk | ArtLx goes Berlin: Luxemburger Künstler der Berliner Kunstszene

ArtLx goes Berlin: Luxemburger Künstler der Berliner Kunstszene

With Casey Detrow, Mary-Audrey Ramirez and Vince Tillotson

Accompanying the publication of the 2018/2019 edition of DADADA magazine, Maison Moderne and Casino Luxembourg are hosting the programme of Art Talks at LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK. Every day between 13:00 and 13:45, Luxembourgish artists and/or other actors from the local scene are invited to exchange their views on a given topic.

Berlin is probably not only the most renowned and dynamic art scene in Europe today, but also the most diverse. The exhibition  Class Trip presents several young artists from this scene, including Mary-Audrey Ramirez (b. 1990 in Luxembourg), who graduated as Meisterschüler of Professor Thomas Zipp at the Berlin Universität der Künste in 2016, and Vince Tillotson (b. 1989 in Luxembourg), who also graduated as Meisterschüler of Professor Thomas Zipp  at the Berlin Universität der Künste in 2017 and has been a board member of Schwules Museum Berlin since 2016.

Class Trip is curated by Casey Detrow (b. 1988 in the USA; lives and works in Luxembourg and Berlin). Detrow’s curatorial approach is informed by feminist theories and Marxist feminism, which centre on a critical analysis of society from the perspective of gender, race and class, and their impact on everyday life.

Conference in German language
Hosted by Bettina Heldenstein, Casino Luxembourg

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