Luxembourg Art Week 2018

Positions The International Art Fair

POSITIONS presents a selection of cutting-edge galleries from around Europe. Key event on the local and regional scene, it offers exhibitors a professional, cost-effective and high-value environment to showcase their artists to a large crowd of art lovers and collectors.

Galerie Nosbaum Reding

4 Rue Wiltheim

L-2733 Luxembourg


  • Stephan Balkenhol
  • Mike Bourscheid
  • Damien Deroubaix
  • Christian Frantzen
  • Tina Gillen
  • Xavier Mary
  • Jean-Luc Moerman
  • Manuel Ocampo
  • David Russon
  • Barthélémy Toguo
  • Steve Veloso
  • Peter Zimmermann
Peter Zimmermann, "Swell", 2017. Epoxid auf Leinwand, 200x145 cm.
David Russon, "Hand like Dogs II", 2017. Acrylique sur toile, 70x70 cm.