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  • Cologne
  • Booth B06

The Galerie Anja Knoess presents international and contemporary positions in painting, sculpture, and photography from Germany, Europe, China, and the United States.
The artists are presented in a program of up to seven exhibitions per year in the light-filled backyard loft which serves as an exhibition space for Anja Knoess. The gallery regularly presents artists at national and international art fairs.
Galerie Anja Knoess is located in the center of Cologne - a city known for its wide range of contemporary art on offer in Cologne's galleries and current art exhibitions at the Ludwig Museum.

+49 221 270 67 37

  • 17-19, Grosse Brinkgasse
    50672 Cologne

Featured artists

Axel Anklam, Peer Boehm, Jens Hausmann, Koen Vermeule

Represented artists

Axel Anklam, Jessica Backhaus, Johanna K. Becker, Sabine Beyerle, Peer Boehm, Fritz Bornstück, Peter Braunholz, Guo Changliang, Andrea Damp, Sabine Dehnel, Gastkünstler / Innen und Kooperationen, Marion Hasenauer, Jens Hausmann, Anja Jensen, Christofer Kochs, Klaus Lomnitzer, Sarah Mc Rae Morton, Jan Muche, Cristina Ohlmer, Wong Perng Fey, Werner Pokorny, Rebecca Raue, Roland Schmitz, Daniel Sigloch, Gabi Streile, Kinki Texas, Koen Vermeule, Roger Wardin, Martin Wehmer, Filip Zorzor