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Faux Mouvement centre d'art contemporain

Faux Mouvement is a contemporary art center located in Metz since 1983. The center has an exhibition space of 350 sqm, 4, rue du Change, in the extension of Place Saint-Louis, near the cathedral.

The programme has an average of six exhibitions per year. Each project is an original project designed specifically for this space, which often becomes the support for in-situ installations; we can remember the exhibitions of Cécile Bart, Vincent Lamouroux or, more recently Marco Godinho, Jean-Philippe Antoine, Fabien Lerat. Provoking a reflection on the location itself is one of the main characteristics of Faux Mouvement, which is not only a place where we exhibit art but above all where we produce it.

However, developing programming in this specific context is only part of the team's activity. Most of the work is done outside the walls, in the form of urban actions (recently with Bertrand Lavier, Gérard Collin-Thiébaut), delocalised exhibitions, artist residencies, training, and information actions in partnership with the training organisation FAPAC (Training of artists and cultural professionals) and active participation in the “New Sponsors” programme driven by the Fondation de France. The art center has also recently been associated with research in university laboratories (Labex H2H-Université Paris 8).

Work to raise awareness of contemporary art is carried out regularly based on the exhibitions on offer. Mandated by the city of Metz, the art center has been developing since 2010 the project "Art takes its quarters", a cycle of artist residencies allowing audiences to discover and familiarise themselves with different creative processes. The programme promotes intergenerational ties by jointly addressing elementary schools and "senior" structures in the city. The objective is not to initiate an animation around art, but to get artists to temporarily set up their studios within the establishments themselves to produce a work in this context.

Finally, as part of the national programme “Culture in the hospital”, the Faux Mouvement contemporary art center and the CHR of Metz Thionville signed an agreement in 2013 allowing the exhibition of artworks within the hospital. This partnership is based on the essential role that culture can play in improving hospital conditions, both in the reception and support of patients and the professional environment. In particular, it can help reduce the breakdown often caused by illness and hospitalisation, by allowing hospitalised people to maintain a social link with the City.

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  • 4, Rue du Change
    57041 Metz