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Galerie Bertrand Gillig presents Bruno Gadenne – La nuit ne dormait pas


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Galerie Bertrand Gillig presents Bruno Gadenne – La nuit ne dormait pas

Exhibition: 07.09–28.09.2019

The Galerie Bertrang Gillig presents the third solo exhibition in its gallery space of Bruno Gadenne, a painter born in 1990 (29 years old) in the Paris region and graduated from HEAR in Strasbourg in 2014.

The young painter, and winner of the Théophile Schuler Prize in 2018 returns with a set of works which have been created in the last 3 years and never been shown in Strasbourg. These paintings inspired by nature and forest, dear to the artist. They also deal with the feeling of "disturbing strangeness" that the artist has been developing in his work since graduating in 2014 from HEAR in Strasbourg.

Spectators will unwittingly be invited by Bruno Gadenne in dark caverns. Dark shades of blacks, grays, and blues create a very subtle atmosphere in which the eye is plunged, before opening up, in the background of the painting, on a breakthrough of light, green foam, tropical plants, and palms.

Some works, such as in the series of fires previously displayed in 2018, are "a kind of night jungle barn-fire on which the painter has been working for several years. Trees are glowing in front of us while the hypnotic power of flames captivates us despite the threat".

The title of the exhibition is taken from the work of Julien Gracq, "A balcony in the forest".

Also, Bruno Gadenne continues his promising career: the young painter exhibited at Agnès B in Paris last spring, and for the first time in the USA, at the Boutique Gallery of Agnès B in New York, at the end of this summer.

It has been six years since I have begun to portray the disturbing strangeness and inner darkness of these forests. I picked them up all over the world. More recently, a need for renewal pushed me to the barn-fire of this personal Pinacoteca. I set it on fire, waking up the contrasts, revealing the variegated undercoats that were usually covered with bluish glazes.

These forest fires, although coming from more violent and hectic imagery, are equally concerned by this disturbing strangeness, this unheimlich feeling in which I dear so much. The terror of the flames faces the fascination they provide and I try to transcribe this corrupt hypnotism through colored details. Canvases can be read in several times and eye-catch the viewer not only by their contrasts and saturated colors, but also leaf by leaf, branch by branch.

In the middle of the night, far from the eyes: big trees wake up.

B. Gadenne

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Credits: During the opening of Bruno Gadenne solo show, Courtesy Galerie Bertrang Gillig

Au vernissage de l'exposition personnelle de Bruno Gadenne, Courtesy Galerie Bertrang Gillig