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Dräi Eechelen Museum

In 1996, the Committee for Media, Research and Culture of the Chamber of Deputies mentioned in its report on the project of the first law relating to the installation of a Museum of the Fortress of Luxembourg in the small area of Fort Thüngen that :

"The attachment of the Luxembourgers to a testimony of the past such as Fort Thüngen is legitimate. It is, indeed, a unique historical site in our country, a living witness of the history of Luxembourg. It was therefore appropriate to follow the general will to preserve the Fort and to give the building a vocation adapted to its historical value. It was also necessary to integrate the building into the general project of the urban development of the Kirchberg district and to give it a leading role in Luxembourg's cultural tourism.
In this respect, the project to install a Fortress Museum presents itself as a successful solution, both in terms of the rehabilitation and use of the site and its integration into the urban setting."

In the spirit of the project's designers, the Vauban and Wenzel tours will be "the prelude to the fortress museum, which will be the culmination and highlight of the illustration of the history of the fortress of Luxembourg.
Hence the interest of the Fortress Museum, whose aim is not to show, but to tell and explain the specificity of the Fortress of Luxembourg with regard to the history of the city, the territorial formation of the country and the cultural identity of the Nation".

Discover the museum through a 3D tour by following this link here.

Opening hours:
Tu - Su: 10.00 - 18.00 & We: 10.00 - 20.00

Permanent Exhibition:
Temporaray Exhibitions:
Adults: 7 €
Groups (≥ 10): 5 € / person
Familles: 10 € (2 adults & child(ren))
Students < 26: Free
Amis des musées: Free
ICOM: Free

+352 26 43 35

  • 5, Park Dräi Eechelen
    1499 Luxembourg