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TRIFOLION Echternach

The TRIFOLION Echternach is located in the historical center of Echternach, with its world-wide abbey and cultural heritage, its old town and former capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. More than 200 events are organized there every year, making this event meeting point the most important one in Luxembourg and the cross-border region in terms of culture, congress and society.

With its three pillars TRIFOLION CULTURE, TRIFOLION CONGRESS and TRIFOLION SOCIETY, the TRIFOLION brings together under its roof all possible genres in the field of events and is open to all types of visitors and organizers. The TRIFOLION Echternach is part of a complex of buildings owned by the City of Echternach, which also houses the Echternach Music School and its 1000 students, as well as the Union Musicale Echternach.

+352 26 72 39-1

  • 2, Porte Saint Willibrord
    6486 Echternach