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Our story

Founded by Alex Reding, the first edition of Luxembourg Art Week takes place in 2015. More than 7.000 visitors attend the inaugural show in Halle Victor Hugo to discover about 20 galleries.

On the occasion of the second edition of Luxembourg Art Week, the fair launched its VIP programme, including the Collectors' Dinner, exclusive guided tours of museums and corporate collections in the presence of curators, as well as private lunches. The prospective section Take Off – devoted to emerging galleries and young artists, but also supported by the Ministry of Culture – debuts at the Halle Victor Hugo in Luxembourg, and enriches the artistic proposal of the fair.

Luxembourg Art Week reaches a milestone in its development and exposure, and hence confirms its role as a not-to-be-missed autumnal event in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. It features about 50 exhibitors and attracts more than 12.000 visitors over the course of three and a half days. Series of lectures and art talks including prominent art collectors, museum directors, curators, artists, and critics, have also been implemented to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of either the local and international art world and emerging artistic practices.

Luxembourg Art Week plays an integrating role and strengthens its relations with both local and international press as well as with all major regional institutions. Casino Luxembourg is given a carte blanche to present a specifically curated exhibition for each edition of the art fair, and an opening party at Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain is included within the art fair programme.

For its 5th anniversary, Luxembourg Art Week increases its overall exhibition space and the number of exhibitors – from 48 to 65, as well as creates a new section, First Call, which aims to encourage international galleries to discover the Luxembourgish market. The floorplan is also redesigned to guarantee all exhibitors the best possible viewing conditions while offering visitors additional resting areas and freeing up the alleys during peak hours (15.000 visitors over three and a half days). Finally, Luxembourg Art Week further develops its institutional partnerships, among others through a special programme of conferences and performances at Mudam Luxembourg, a cycle of seminars and round tables co-organised with the University of Luxembourg, and a sculpture set up, for the first time, in Luxembourg city public space.

Vue générale, Luxembourg Art Week 2019 © Sophie Margue